Review Policy

Review Policy:

Books with Benefits reads novels constantly, but we don’t spend much of our time reviewing them because there are already so many great review sites. What we do:

  • Review books that we love
  • Review books for columns or as special features
  • Review books by request
  • Cross post our reviews on relevant sites
  • Interview authors by request
  • Accept guest posts written by authors

If we buy a book, read it, and love it, we might write a review. If we buy a book, read it, and hate it, we might write a review, too. Either way, we always tell the truth as we see it. If you want to know why, read J.W.’s take on reviews. (She uses Pride and Prejudice as an analogy. It’s good stuff.)

Still, we like to tell the truth kindly and with perspective, so we use a 5 Benefits rating system. The Romance community is a loving and supportive one. Cataloguing what works in your novel, we focus on what we like–the benefits of reading your book.

Additionally, as a professional curtesy, we allow authors who submit ARCs to accept or reject our review. If the author accepts, we publish the review on our blog and then cross-post to other relevant sites, such as Amazon and Goodreads. If an author rejects the review, we toss the review in the bin and then we scratch the author’s name on a stone tablet marked “NEVER REVIEW AGAIN.”

Occasionally, a book is so outside our personal preferences that we don’t finish it. When this happens, the book falls into the ether. This means that you likely won’t hear from us about your book. Also, it will not appear on the site. Although we love helping authors promote their books and giving them feedback, we don’t want to give our readers half-baked impressions or hurt authors by giving them half-formed opinions. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t send us other books that you write. We just might love your next project.

If you would like to contact JW or April for a review, to send an ARC, or to request an interview:


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