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Nora Roberts...need I say more?

Nora Roberts…need I say more?

April Oglesbee goes by many names…and some of them are even easier to say than Oglesbee. That’s right, Oglesbee. Bet you can’t say that three times fast. She writes Contemporary (some say Erotic) romance as Autumn Stark and Paranormal romance as April Oglesbee. Though she loves writing, April still considers herself a reader first and foremost. After all…she did go into utter fangirl mode when she saw Nora Roberts this last year.

April is a prolific daydreamer who spent her childhood and adulthood (thus far) amassing a library to rival Belle’s, traveling the world as a military brat and sufferer of wanderlust, and adopting any stray who stopped long enough to be cuddled. Recently, April lived in Taiwan (though she now resides in Georgia) where she discovered her love for Asia and all things, well, Love.

A sometimes-writing-teacher and devout cookie maker, April discovered that she enjoyed creating food for the mind, love stories, as much as she enjoyed teaching about it. Let’s just say the Happily Ever After quotient was much higher.

Currently, April happily owns and runs Books With Benefits Press with her business partner and best friend, Amber Gibbs.

April is member of RWA and GRW, and would LOVE to talk to you.


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