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Since February of 2012, Books With Benefits Press has been devoted to combining a love of romance with a passion for helping others understand that love. Founded by April Oglesbee and JW Ashley, the blog now supports a healthy community of writers and readers run by April.

What began as a simple effort to enjoy a genre long under fire from critics and even the industry has blossomed beautifully into a celebration of the romance genre as an art form. Though we’ve gone through several evolutions, Books With Benefits remains what it has always been–a place to critically and helpfully explore the role of love in the written (and often visual) body.

Books With Benefits aims to offer you, the reader and/or writer, an environment to celebrate your own interests. This is a place where romance readers can sit in our virtual kitchen and have a cup of coffee while we chat about the coolest and newest stuff we come across. You’ll see all sorts of stuff cross these pages from information about our sister, Books With Benefits Press, to reviews about the latest releases. We also like to put in our two cents so you’ll see editorials and the occasional How-To or Guide.

Though this site is about Romance Novels, we take the liberty and the right of extending this to everything from commercials to movies to graphic novels, and, yes, pop culture. If it has a love story, we’re probably talking about it. With a romance library that could rival Belle’s we want to speak the truth…and have fun doing it.

Enjoy the Benefits!

 (Note: This blog was originally begun by April Oglesbee and J.W. Ashley. It is now maintained by April and her team of awesome unicorns.)

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