Sherrilyn Kenyon: Night Pleasures

Sherrilyn Kenyon

I desperately wish he was wearing sunglasses at night because that song is bouncing through my head when I look at this cover.

Romancing July: 30 Days, 30 Books, 30 Covers Cover Me and Review

Sherrilyn Kenyon sparks the beginning of a beautiful series friendship with this first book in a fun supernatural universe.

Grade: B-

Best Moment: I sincerely love the introduction. That sounds weird, but something about opening a book with a guy and a girl handcuffed together (nothing dirty despite the stupid book title) with some sarcastic thoughts thrown into the middle of a dangerous situation is highly amusing. It’s a great scene and a great way to open a book.

I don’t want to ruin anything, but I have to say there is some major cheesy cheeser cheese cheese with the conclusion. Just…*sigh* Also…I hate the introduction of Amanda’s sister Tabitha. It’s just…so…lame. Well, Tabitha is so lame. I know she’s got a later book, so why make me think she’s stupid NOW?

Synopsis: Amanda Devereux is an accountant. She is happy being an accountant. She is also, sadly, a twin. Sadly because she is mistaken for her sister and has landed in a cell handcuffed to a pretty sexy if crazy looking guy. Amanda has never wanted anything to do with the paranormal anyway. You could say she’s the black sheep of her palm-reading, vampire-hunting family. But that’s a rather difficult task when you’re trapped in a room with a sexy vampire. Kyrian of Thrace is no vampire. He’s a Dark Hunter, a race of men who were once human and sold their souls to Artemis for a chance at vengeance in exchange for a life of servitude in hunting down truly dark things. Now, he has to stop himself from falling for Amanda, the buttoned-up accountant, and keep her safe until he can carry on with his dark existence and no hope for a future…or maybe he doesn’t.

The Good: I love Kenyon’s take on Greek/Roman/All The Things mythology. I have always firmly believed that Persephone and Hades are a love story, so I adore Kenyon’s take on that particular relationship as well. Beyond that, her universe is unique and interesting. I love, love, love that she has characters that pop up in multiple stories and that you grow to know. Best of all, it creates that romance novel holy grail connection that makes readers go, “When are we going to get THAT story?!” (Feehan…if you’re listening…please write Dimitri’s story before I jump off a bridge…please?) What I really like about this story in particular is that it is a classic love story told in a new setting. All of the elements are there: mistaken identity, great chemistry, excellent dialogue, danger, the need to protect, and that perfect amount of self sacrifice (we don’t want either of the characters to go all Romeo and Juliet or anything). They’re characters we can like. The story itself is sexy without being slutty. The world is one we want to explore more (good thing as there’s tons of books you can carry-on reading with). I also love the introduction of an enemy-friend. What a cool twist it is to know that this right-now-enemy is actually going to turn into a soon-to-be-friend before the characters know it or the book is even over.

Also, just a head’s up, this is technically book 2 of the Dark Hunter series, but the first book Fantasy Lover is more of a side-story of the universe and not a great read, honestly. It’s a bit of sexy fluff if you’re interested.

Just…the title. Night Pleasures?!? Really? That’s…you were sitting around and thought…gee, I wonder what would catch the reader’s eye and make them want to see what I have to say…I know! I will suggest NO PLOT. I can only imagine that this is something like naming your car repair shop “We Can For To Tire!” Other than that, you can tell this is a first book. There’s some building up of the world and some character introductions that you want more from, but I am willing to trust that they will happen in the future.

The only thing worse than the cover is the “character” pictures on the website. Kill me with a mythological pitchfork of some kind, please.

We’ve all been there. We’re wandering through a bookstore, or maybe  aimlessly searching suggestions, looking at  random lists on for something to read. Happily, we traipse through booktopias convinced that we’re going to find something wonderful to read and then… We are greeted with the cover.

Before I begin, I feel I must point out one very simple fact:

Most authors get absolutely no input in their covers, or, if they do, it’s mostly a kind of courtesy. Publishers rule. Authors weep and hope for reprints.

Challenge accepted. Unleashing Mockery… 

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Maybe he’s a vampire firefighter…that would make sense. He’s fighting the flames of evil to redeem his soul. Yeah, that’s it.

So I don’t totally hate this cover. At least he’s not naked. At least there’s no half-naked woman on the front. At least there’s not weird sexualization of random objects…oh…wait…what’s that you say? There’s weird line-ups of a bazillion streetlight poles? Oh get your mind out of the gutter people…and the flames? No, clearly they are there to represent…um…the burning…passion for…uh…chapstick. Yes, can’t you see he’s wearing chaptstick? His glossy lips are a testament for the raging problem men face of chapped lips. It’s a “Real Men Don’t Get Chapped” campaign. Like those Lamasil fire monsters on your feet commercial. Yes. No, I know the book is called Night Pleasures. They’re talking about the joy of late night movies without chapped lips. How embarrassing. Hah. Can you imagine? Licking your lips in a darkened theater in shame? Take it seriously people. It’s a real social problem for men of today. Have some respect.

Forgive the cover artists, for they know not what they do.

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