Review: Lynsay Sands’ A Quick Bite

Lynsay Sands

She’s a man-eater this one…

A Books With Benefit’s Summer Pick

Review: Lynsay Sands’ A Quick Bite

Lynsay Sands’ first novel in the Argeneau series crafts a unique world of belly laughs and memorable (not to mention loveable) characters for the reader to enjoy.

Synopsis: Lissianna is a normal young woman looking for love without much luck…except for two things: 1) She’s a vampire, and 2) she’s afraid of blood. Unlike most modern vampires, Lissianna has to feed “naturally” rather than from blood bags. That is until her mother brings her a “present” which she thinks will fix all of Lissianna’s problems. Her “present” is a psychologist named Dr. Greg Hewitt. What ensues is a funny, quirky, and light romance with a supernatural bent.

Okay, here’s what I love about this story and what makes it a Summer Read–it is infinitely readable and light. I find myself smiling at Lissianna’s foibles and her family’s antics. I giggle a little when Greg encounters each new vampire and is less than horrified (especially when he finds them in Spiderman pajamas). Be warned: this book is partially an introduction to the world of Sands’ vampires (one word: Atlantis) and the Argeneaus, so there is some explaining and character introduction that goes on, but nothing too messy or unatural as sometimes happens with these kinds of narratives. Looking for laughs, giggles, and a couple of happy, classic love story “awws?” Look no further.

Grade: A

Not Sure If You’ve Read It: A vampire woman who faints at blood and finds a nekkid man in her bed as a “30th” Birthday present? You’ll know if you’ve read this one.

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